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"Blogwalking" is a term familiar to many bloggers, but did you know it’s actually a concept unique to a few countries? Derived from the words "blog" and "walking," blogwalking involves visiting other blogs for various purposes, such as gaining inspiration, expanding your network, or promoting your own blog.

In this article, we will delve into the meaning of blogwalking, its benefits, and how to effectively engage in this activity. Let’s explore the full details below.

What is Blogwalking?

Blogwalking is the activity of visiting other blogs with specific purposes in mind. It is a practice that allows bloggers to find new ideas for their content, engage with fellow bloggers, and foster a sense of community within the blogging world.

How Do Bloggers Engage in Blogwalking?

  1. Visiting Relevant Blogs: Bloggers start by visiting blogs that align with their own niche. This not only helps them find content that is relevant to their interests but also allows them to see what kind of content is attracting readers.
  2. Engaging Through Comments: After finding useful articles, bloggers leave thoughtful comments. This step is crucial for building discussions with blog owners and other readers, thereby gaining new knowledge and expanding their network.

Benefits of Blogwalking

1. Expanding Your Network

Blogwalking offers an excellent opportunity to expand your network. By leaving positive and engaging comments on other blogs, you show appreciation for the content, which can lead to further communication and collaboration with other bloggers. This interaction can result in shared ideas, information, and even links to your own blog articles.

2. Gaining New Inspiration

Finding inspiration for your blog content can be challenging. Blogwalking provides a wealth of new information and inspiration from other blogs. By visiting successful or popular blogs, you can observe the topics they discuss, their presentation style, and the unique aspects of their content that attract readers. Remember to avoid plagiarism and always credit your sources.

3. Receiving Help from Other Bloggers

Blogging can often be a solitary activity, but building relationships with other bloggers can be highly beneficial. Whether you need technical assistance or help with content ideas, your network of bloggers can provide valuable support. For instance, if you encounter issues with a new WordPress update, other bloggers who have faced similar problems can offer solutions.

4. Evaluating Your Blog

Blogwalking also serves as a tool for evaluating the quality of your own blog. By comparing your blog to successful ones, you can identify areas for improvement. This evaluation can cover various aspects such as topic selection, content mastery, communication style, and visual presentation.

5. Promoting Your Blog

Blogwalking is a subtle yet effective way to promote your blog. By engaging with other bloggers and leaving helpful comments, you can gradually introduce links to your own blog, provided they are relevant to the topic. This method not only promotes your blog but also enhances its visibility and credibility.

Tips for Effective Blogwalking

To make the most of blogwalking, it’s essential to follow certain guidelines:

1. Choose Blogs with the Same Niche

Start by visiting blogs that fit your niche. This makes it easier to share relevant links and ensures that the information you gain is useful. Popular blogs within your niche are ideal as they already attract a large readership, increasing the chances of your comments being noticed.

2. Leave Relevant Comments

Ensure that your comments are thoughtful and relevant to the topic. Avoid generic comments like "Great post!" Instead, point out specific aspects of the article that you found useful and engage in meaningful discussions. This not only shows that you have read the content but also adds value to the conversation.

3. Study the Content

When blogwalking, take the time to study the structure of the content on popular blogs. Observe the topics covered, the style of writing, and the use of media such as images or videos. This can provide insights into how to enhance your own blog content and presentation.

4. Use a Gravatar

A gravatar is a profile photo that represents your online identity. Using a professional gravatar can help blog owners and visitors recognise you, enhancing your personal brand. This is particularly useful if your goal is to promote your blog through blogwalking.


Blogwalking is a valuable activity that can greatly benefit bloggers. It not only provides new inspiration and helps expand your network but also offers opportunities for collaboration and promotion. By following the right tips and maintaining a professional approach, blogwalking can significantly enhance your blogging experience and increase your blog's traffic.


1. What is blogwalking?

Blogwalking is the activity of visiting other blogs to gain inspiration, expand your network, and promote your own blog by engaging with the content and leaving thoughtful comments.

2. Why is blogwalking important?

Blogwalking is important because it helps bloggers find new content ideas, build relationships with other bloggers, receive support, evaluate their own blogs, and promote their blogs effectively.

3. How can I benefit from blogwalking?

By engaging in blogwalking, you can expand your network, gain new inspiration, receive help from other bloggers, evaluate your blog's quality, and promote your blog to a wider audience.

4. What are some tips for effective blogwalking?

  • Choose blogs that align with your niche.
  • Leave relevant and thoughtful comments.
  • Study the content structure of popular blogs.
  • Use a professional gravatar to enhance your personal brand.

5. Can blogwalking increase my blog's traffic?

Yes, if done correctly. By leaving relevant links and engaging comments on popular blogs, you can attract visitors to your blog. However, avoid spamming and ensure that the links you share are relevant to the discussion.

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