How To Clone or Mirror Your Own WhatsApp Using Two Phones

How To Clone or Mirror Your Own WhatsApp Using Two Phones

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. Don't be evil. Don't use it to spy on someone's WhatsApp chat without his or her consent.

I will be explaining to you how to get all this done by downloading a particular application called Whats Web on your smartphone. In fact, you can download applications with names like WhatsApp Clone, Clone WhatsWeb or Clone WhatsApp, all have the same functions or abilities. There are so many applications with this function on Google Play Store (always download apps from Google Play Store). The name can be WhatsApp Cloner, WhatsApp Mirror, WhatsWeb App, WhatsWeb Clone or whatever as long as it has a QR code that we would scan. In this article, I will recommend an application with no adverts that I discovered on the Play Store. 

Some useful functions of WhatWeb Clone

  • Clone or Mirror your Spouse's WhatsApp Chat. With his or her consent of course. 😜
  • Do you want to keep tabs on what your children chat about on WhatsApp?
  • Are you a business that uses the same WhatsApp Account and wants two or more people to monitor or use the same account?

What's Web is an Android application that allows you to Clone or Mirror Your Own WhatsApp chats through your smartphone. The application works similarly to the WhatsApp web which is accessible on desktop PC or browsers that support the desktop view. 

Feature of Whats Web

  • You can Clone or Mirror your work account to your personal phone/tablet or vice versa.
  • You can use the same WhatsApp account on mobiles and tablets.
  • You can have multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone.
  • Delete, send and receive messages, pictures or even videos to your friends and family with Whats Web easily!
  • You can secure your Whats Web with a Password or a pattern lock.

Things you need to Clone or Mirror a Whatsapp Account

  • Your Android Phone to monitor. 
  • WhatsApp Clone Application downloaded from PlayStore to your phone. 
  • Your other Android phone which you want to monitor for, just less than 5 minutes with it. 
  • Internet connection on both devices (Not WhatsApp Bundles or country-customised WhatsApp packages but real internet data). 

How to Clone or Mirror Your Own WhatsApp Chat Using Downloaded Whats Web Application

  1. Download Whats Web (I recommend this, no Ads) on the monitoring phone. 
  2. Launch the Whats Web app you installed, Click Whats Web and you’ll see a QR code. If there is a "keep me signed in" box, tick it so that you can remain logged in. 
  3. Then open your other phone (the one you want to monitor) > from the WhatsApp chat screen > Navigate to the menu > WhatsApp Web / Linked Devices. (Click on Link a Device)! 
  4. Now scan the QR code. The victim's phone is the one that scans the QR code. 
How To Clone or Mirror Your Own WhatsApp Using Two Phones

If you do that, all the messages will be loaded on your device automatically. It’s a one-time activation. Once it’s done, you are good to go.
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