The Advantages of Telegram Over WhatsApp

The Several Advantages of Telegram Over WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging network in the world, but in recent weeks its reign has been threatened by Telegram. This came after the announcement of the new privacy policies for 2021 by the Facebook conglomerate App, whose news did not go down well with users and where many decided to migrate to the application created by the Dúrov brothers.

However, maybe you want to consider Telegram. The reason is, that this application is no less superior than WhatsApp! Check out the advantages! 

1. Telegram Has a Cloud storage service 

Telegram has Cloud storage service

The first advantage, Telegram has a Cloud storage service. This means all text messages, pictures, videos, documents and other files can be stored there. We can freely log in or log out several times from a number of devices simultaneously without losing data.

Unlike WhatsApp, we don't need to worry about backing up and restoring files after we log in or log out. Apart from that, you can also save contacts, voice/video notes, GIFs and links. However, this Cloud service is limited to only 2 GB for each file. 

2. Can choose to send original files or compressed on Telegram

On Telegram you Can choose to send original files or compressed

If we send photos on WhatsApp, the photo size, resolution and photo quality will automatically shrink. So, if we need to send the original file, we have to send it via the document feature. 

Unlike Telegram, users can choose whether video and photo files are sent in the original version or instead send photos and videos in a compressed version. So, you have a better option! 

3. Telegram groups can hold up to 200,000 members

Telegram groups can hold up to 200,000 members

WhatsApp has a maximum group member capacity of up to 256 people. Meanwhile, the standard Telegram group capacity generally can only accommodate 5000 people. 

However, you can increase the capacity of up to 200,000 people with the Super Group feature! This jumbo capacity is useful for creating school alumni groups, for example. However, you can use it for other purposes. 

4. Telegram Has a Secret Chat feature 

Telegram has Has a Secret Chat feature

About security, Telegram is the master! You can use the Secret Chat feature to make your conversation more private. The Secret Chat feature is created between two devices, so these messages cannot be accessed on other devices and are not available in the Cloud. 

Apart from that, the Secret Chat feature is also related to our log-in session on that device. If we log out and log in again, then we can lose all previous Secret Chats. Messages can also be auto-deleted by the timer and cannot be hacked! 

5. On Telegram You can enter several phone numbers at once 

You can change numbers or add several numbers at once on Telegram without worrying about the risk of losing chats or contacts. So, we don't have to bother transferring all contacts to a new number. This is the advantage of Telegram over WhatsApp which is a plus. 

Telegram to change the numbers, simply go to the settings and type in the number. Then click change number and follow the next instructions. Don't worry, it's easy! Later, all messages will be moved to the new number and Telegram will add all contacts to the new number. 

6. On Telegram you can upload multiple profile photos at once 

Telegram Can upload multiple profile photos at once

If on WhatsApp, our profile photo option is only one. Meanwhile, Telegram allows us to upload multiple profile photos at once! 

In fact, we can upload as many profile photos as we want. Recent photos are photos seen by our contacts, but we can slide sideways to see more photos. This is suitable for you who are narcissistic! 

7. There is a chatbot feature too, you know! 

Telegram has a chatbot feature too

For some people, this bot chat feature might be underestimated. In fact, there are many things you can do with this chatbot! 

For example, getting notifications and news, receiving payments from Telegram users, knowing the weather forecast and translating the language. In addition, bots can connect us with people who share similar interests or affinities. 

8. On Telegram you can add friends by username

On Telegram you can add friends by username

If you want to contact a friend using WhatsApp, you must first save their phone number. 
But on Telegram, you can add other people's contacts using your 

According to the application developer, this feature is there to reduce misuse of phone numbers. That way, user privacy can be more protected.

9. On Telegram you can edit the message

On Telegram you can edit the message

Everyone would never do a typo or error in typing. Seeing this problem, Telegram added a message editing feature. Users can solve typos with the "Edit" button.

10. On Telegram you can "Last Seen" from certain people

On Telegram you can "Last Seen" from certain people

One of the features that often get a lot of attention on WhatsApp is " Last Seen " and a blue checkmark. Users often turn off this feature so that other people cannot find out their activities in the application.

The "Last Seen" feature can also be found on Telegram. The difference is that you can control who can see and who cannot see it. So, this setting can be adjusted according to your preferences.

The message recipient will get information that you have changed the message. But they won't know the original message you sent. 


So, those are the 10 advantages of Telegram over WhatsApp. How, is it getting stronger to move to this application? You may also want to view this article: Telegram Vs Signal Vs WhatsApp.
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