How to Overcome Mifi Not Connecting

How to Overcome Mifi Not Connecting

Mifi is a portable wifi device that allows someone to enjoy an internet connection via a wifi signal anywhere and anytime because the Mifi device itself is small such that it can be carried everywhere and also uses a battery as a power supply. 

Even though it is very practical, the Mifi device can only be used for a few hours considering it depends on the battery capacity it has. There is one problem that is often experienced by Mifi users, namely sometimes even though Mifi is on, smartphone or laptop devices always fail to connect to the wifi network. 

As a result, many people think that the Mifi they have is damaged even though it is not damaged, but only an error which can be handled very easily. Even though I say it's easy and easy, most people don't understand how to deal with it.

How to Overcome Mifi Not Connecting 

I will give tips on how to deal with Mifi who cannot connect when connected to a smartphone or laptop device. The method is quite simple and easy, you just have to follow the short tips below and hopefully, this method works. I always use this method when my Mifi has an error like what you guys experienced. 

The first way

Turn off and restart the Mifi device. If Mifi is back on, try to connect using your smartphone or laptop. This method is the simplest way. 

Second Way

Turn off your Mifi and let it sit for 10 minutes, then turn it back on and try connecting it with your smartphone or laptop. 

The Third Way

This method is the last option that you can try. Do a Factory Reset on your Mifi to restore settings such as the password will return to factory settings. Generally, some Mifi can do a Factory reset by pressing the WPS and Power buttons simultaneously and holding them for 3 seconds. If you have done a Factory Reset, try connecting using your default mifi password which is normally found at the back of the mifi. 

The Fourth Way

If you have used the 3 methods above but have not produced results, you can be sure that the Mifi you have is damaged. you can bring it to a repairman or even easier exchange it for a new device if it is still within the warranty period.
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