Difference Between Hosting and Domain

The Difference Between Hosting and Domains

For those who are new to the online world and have a website or personal website, but don't know the difference between hosting and a domain. 

Hosting and domains are very different things, but they will become one unit in a website. If you have website visitors, they will use your domain name to locate the website. It looks simple, there is a process that occurs when a visitor types in your domain name and presses enter.

When a site visitor types your domain name into a browser, this domain is then translated into your server's IP address, and then the server sends files to your site's users, which are represented by their respective browsers.

Domain Name

A domain is a website URL name with conditions that have been regulated by world domain regulatory agencies.

This domain name is a substitute for the IP Address address, so that when you type the URL of the domain name in the browser, what you access is the server's IP address. Usually, domain names have certain endings or extensions that have different meanings and designations. 

The following is the meaning of a domain name extension  and its designation:-
  • Extension.com - A domain name extension that is widely used by bloggers, used for commercial purposes such as company websites, online shops, or for the benefit of personal blogs and online businesses to make it more familiar and easy to remember.
  • Extension.net - Domain name extension used for network and infrastructure purposes. 
  • Extension.info - Domain name extension .info is a domain name that is often used for information purposes. 
  • Extension.org - For organizational domain name extensions. 
  • Extension.biz - Domain name extensions used for business purposes. 
  • Extension.edu - Domain name extension used for educational purposes, this extension is only owned by educational institutions in the United States.
  • Extension.gov - Domain name extensions used for government or government purposes, just like the .edu extension, this extension is only owned by United States government agencies.
  • Extension.tv - Domain name extension used for websites engaged in the entertainment sector such as television, magazines and the like.
When you buy a domain, basically you just rent a name or contract alias, with the URL of the domain name, you can't store web data or other web applications so when you buy a domain without hosting, the domain you access won't display anything unless you use free hosting. like Blogspot or Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and others.


Hosting is a place to store data or data files. Physical hosting is usually referred to as a server name. A server is almost the same as an ordinary PC computer that has a hard drive, RAM, processor and more. But the hosting server referred to here is what is kept in a data centre equipped with electricity, air conditioning, UPS and others. 

The hosting server is connected to an Internet network with high speed so that it can be accessed by users from all over the world. Hosting a website is usually called Web Hosting. The web hosting server is equipped with an Operating System and software that is capable of running website applications and can operate continuously even though there are times when it is down. 


In conclusion, Hosting is a place to store file/script data, while a domain name is just a name or address. So if compared to Hosting is a house, while the domain is the address to our house.

So for your website to be accessible, we have to buy hosting and a domain name. Both stand-alone and can be purchased separately, for example, you buy or use hosting at A Hosting, while buying a domain can be elsewhere or vice versa. Or you can buy both at once, both domain and hosting.
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