7 Exciting Hidden Google Maps Features Known by Few

7 Hidden Features of Google Maps That Rarely Know

What applications will you open when travelling to distant and unfamiliar places? Yep, definitely Google Maps! This application is very useful for showing directions to a place and seeing the rating and review of that location. Without Google Maps, maybe we will get lost on the way. 

To make you more proficient in Google Maps, let's take a look at the hidden features in it!

1. Go back in time with Doc Brown

One of the 7 hidden features of Google Maps that is rarely known by people is "time travelling". You must already know the Street View feature in Google Maps. But, did you know that we can do time travel, aka look at the past with Google Maps? This feature is called Doc Brown, where we can see changes in place from time to time.

The trick is to put Pegman (the yellow person icon) where we want it to do Street View as usual. Then, hit Street View on the top left.

There, there is a slider to shift the year. The photos change from year to year and will appear in the small photo on the top left. Wow!

2. Perform compass calibration so that the results are accurate

Have you ever lost because of Google Maps? While it's rare, this isn't entirely Google Maps' fault.

Usually, this happens because the default smartphone compass is problematic. To fix this, you can calibrate the compass. The trick is to move the gadget with the number 8 on Google Maps several times.

What are the steps? First, open Google Maps and tap the blue ball which shows our location.

Then, select "Calibrate compass" at the bottom left. After that, move the smartphone with the number 8 3 times. It's done! The accuracy of your compass will return high and not get you lost again.   

3. Save the place you want to visit

Dreaming of having a vacation to Tokyo, Japan? However, there are no funds to go there yet? At least, try to save the interesting places that are there that you will visit someday. For example, saving recommended sushi bars, hotels that will be used as a place to stay or a tourist vehicle that you want to visit.

The way to save the place is easy. First, select the place you want to save. Then, select "Save" and place it on the list.

You can create a new list or add places to an old list that was already created. You can make the list public or private for yourself. Very useful feature!

4. Can see where we go every day

With this feature, you can find out where you are going every day. The way to turn on Timeline is to tap the menu at the top left, then select your Timeline. After that, select Settings and Privacy, then enable Location.

To see the history of the trips we've taken, simply open Google Maps, select Menu and click on Your Timeline. Then, select the date you want and it will appear on the screen, where have we been, how many locations we visited that day, how many minutes drove by and what vehicle. 

5. Contribute by becoming a Local Guide

You can actively contribute to Google Maps by becoming a Local Guide. Simply put, you can write a review about a place, give a rating, add photos and videos, answer questions from fellow Local Guides and edit locations. You can get rewards too.

Every time we write a review, add photos and videos and other activities, we will get points that will help us to level up. Local Guide has levels 1-10 and the higher the level, the more perks we receive.

Not infrequently, Google Maps works with various parties to give vouchers and prizes to Local Guides who actively contribute. Isn't it fun?

6. If you don't know where to go, use the Browse Nearby feature

Are you in a strange city and want to go somewhere interesting? However, you don't know the directions and don't have an itinerary?

You can use the Browse Around feature to find any place you want. This feature can be used to find restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, pharmacies, hotels, ATMs, shopping places and so on.

The Explore Around service is quite complete. If we choose a category, for example, restaurants, many recommendations will appear provided by Google Maps. Recommendations that appear will appear with a rating, number of reviews, distance, opening and closing hours and a match with what we are looking for. 

7. Can share real-time location with others!

Finally, you can share your real-time location with other people on Google Maps. It's easy, just open Google Maps, select Menu and click Share Location.
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