How to Add Your Own Profile Photo in Domain or Hosting Email

How to Add Your Own Profile Photo in Domain or Hosting Email

By default, a profile photo in the email domain can't be changed. I don't know what the cause is. cPanel does not provide a feature to replace the default profile photo with a photo that we want. Of course, this is very unfortunate. Because the default profile photo is the anonymous photo.

Although by default, cPanel does not provide a feature to change profile photos, we can work around this. Of course, your email account will look more professional and verified-like. Not only can you add a profile photo, but you can also display a cellphone number. I know you are now more curious about how to make it! 

How to Add a Profile Photo in Your Own Domain Email

Before doing this method, please prepare a photo that will be used as a profile photo. You are free to use any image format. You can use .JPG or .PNG image formats.

Although cPanel does not provide a feature to add a profile photo in email, I worked around it with Google Account. Yes, it's true, with a Google Account the domain email profile photo can be changed.

1. Create a Google Account

To be even clearer, please access the Google Account page. Click the Create Account link to start creating a Google Account. 

I'm sure you know how to create a Google Account, such that you can create your own without any guidance. The difference in this case is in the email address. We will not use an email domain from Google.

How to Add Your Own Profile Photo in Domain or Hosting Email

However, we will use the domain's own email address. Therefore, please click the link Use my current email address instead in the email filling field.

How to Add Your Own Profile Photo in Domain or Hosting Email

Please fill in all the available fields with your data. For example, here I use my own email domain admin@faq.co.zw. Click Next to continue.

Please check your domain email and find the verification code from Google in your Inbox or Spam. Click the Verify button to verify the code.

You also have to enter your cellphone number to verify. Click Next if you have filled in your cellphone number.

Please enter the verification code that has been sent by Google to the registered mobile number SMS then click the Verify button.

Also, complete the date of birth and gender then click the Next button.

2. Adding Profile Photo in Google Account

Your next task is to add a profile photo to your Google Account. To add a profile photo, please on your Google Account page click the Personal info tab.

At this stage, you can choose the profile photo that you have previously created. If there is a data error, please correct it at this stage.

And now the domain's own email profile photo has changed. When you send an email from your own email domain to someone else, the profile photo will automatically match what you have specified. The email domain already has a profile photo linked to a Google Account.

How easy isn't it? That's all on how to add a profile photo using your own photo on your own domain email. Hopefully, this article can be useful and see you again in the next cool article. Support by sharing. Wait, wait ... If you have other domain email addresses like admin@faq.co.zw, info@faq.co.zw, or WhatsApp@faq.co.zw, you have to add the profile photo on each email address as we did above. 
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